This covers how MTU gathers and use's information about you. We may change our policy, but this is our current policy. Micro Technology Unlimited (MTU) has been in continuous business since 1977. In those years, we have never disclosed personal information to any organization for payment or any other reason.

Data Security

Transmission of secure information over the Internet to our web sites is protected with a highly secure 128-bit digital certificate. When your transmission is secure, the key or lock that appears at the bottom of your browser is not broken, or it changes color, depending on what browser you are using.

Databases on our web sites that store your information are protected and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Credit Card Security

MTU does not keep your credit card number in our database. When you submit your order, your card number is processed through, the oldest and most respected Internet credit card gateway. Your card number is verified on-line with its issuing bank. If there are questions about the Billing Address you enter, there may be a delay in shipment.

Information Gathered

Secret Visit

When you visit our site we capture and store the domain you used to visit us, such as a search engine or other site link, to measure our marketing efforts. This information is maintained privately on our site and is not distributed to any other organization.

Personal Information

At your option, you may fill in various forms on our web site that require personal information. Our forms are based on our web site, not from external service providers. There are optional fields you can fill in to help us further understand your needs and requests. If you provide us with your phone and/or fax number, we may use them to contact you in regards to your question. This information is transferred to our web site via a secure link.

Order Information

When you order product from MTU we will gather additional information to allow us to charge your credit card and, if hardware is ordered, to ship to your street address. This information is transferred to our web site via a secure link.

Security Information

Due to the security measures used on some of our software products, during installation the software will automatically acquire hardware identification information from your computer and transmit it to our web site. This is used for the following reasons:

  1. To insure the program is a unique installation and not a copy
  2. To allow the program to automatically make certain computer configuration changes to deliver the performance and features you expect
  3. To allow us to identify you and provide support when needed
  4. Our products do not collect personal data or any type of personal files you have installed on your computer
  5. Transmission of this information is protected with a 128-bit digital certificate

Information Protection

All Personal, Order and Security Information we gather is securely stored on our web site. We do not use off-site services that could disclose your identity to others. We protect your Information and do not sell, trade or exchange mailing lists with any organization. MTU will only disclose your information to third parties when such action is necessary to (1) conform to legal requirements; or (2) protect and defend the rights or property of MTU.

Information Use

We do not provide your Information to any other organization. We use your information in the following ways:

  1. To email or phone you with notices pertaining to product you have purchased from MTU
  2. For notice of an upgrade containing new features and/or bug repairs to make your code perform better
  3. For announcements of related products similar to what you have purchased from us
  4. To secure and manage copyright restrictions and licensing terms and conditions
  5. We reserve the right to prevent use of our products for illegal purposes to protect our rights

Request for Removal

At your request as a visitor, MTU will delete your information from our records. You may request this by sending an email to or write to: MTU, P.O. Box 5, Rolesville, NC, 27525, USA. If at any time, you believe that MTU has not adhered to these principles, please notify us by either method and we will make all reasonable efforts to correct the problem.

Please note: If you have purchased product, MTU will not delete your record in order to retain the ability to contact you for legal or important product notices.