For new software orders paid by credit card, your FREE Internet download instructions are emailed to you immediately.

For software upgrade orders, we process the order before you will receive the email with your FREE Internet download instructions.

SOFTWARE CDROM ORDERS TO USA OR INTERNATIONAL: If you cannot download over the Internet, order the CDROM and we will mail it to your address in the USA, APO or International.

HARDWARE SHIPMENTS INSIDE USA, USA TERRITORIES AND APO ONLY: We do ship CDR drives, CDR media, Computers or any other hardware to Canada, Mexico or International.

NOTE: All shipments are FOB Shipping Point. When we deliver the shipping carton(s) to UPS (the shipping company), any damage is your responsibility to report to MTU and UPS, and keep the shipping carton for UPS to inspect. If you do not do this, you are responsible for the cost for repairs or replacement. We will work with you on a damage shipment claim, but the ultimate responsibility is yours.

MTU reserves the right to change prices and specifications without notice.