1. Click here to log into your MTU Account.
  2. Enter your email and Password (follow the steps below if you forget your password):
    1. Click the "Password Forgotten? Click here" link.
    2. This INSTANTLY CHANGES your password and immediately emails it to you. NOTE: If you do not receive a New Password, check your spam folder.  If you still do not get it, then please contact us by Text with your Name/Email/New Password.  You can reach us at 1-919-870-0344.
    3. If the email does not appear immediately, look for it in your Spam or Junk folder.
    4. If you click the "Password Forgotten? Click here" link again, it will change your Password again and email it to you. BE CAREFUL! If you do this twice, then find the FIRST email, its password will NOT work as it was changed by your second request.
  3. Log into your Account with your new Password.
  4. Scroll down to find your Registration Codes.